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I still remember a sense of wondering and surprising mystery that left me stunned and fascinated in my childhood when I encountered beetles with bright and iridescent colors.

When I grew up I could realize that the beauty and mystery behind all things was much bigger than I thought it was infinite, seen not only in terms of artistic or scientific areas but far beyond, was the spiritual vision revealing to me immanence of God in all things and situations, from a drop of water to a galaxy.

In my teenage years these perceptions became a spiritual quest where curiosity experimented with drugs such as marijuana , LSD and mescaline . Among many "travel " one of them I had an experience of leaving the body clearly was when I realized that my true identity was my spirit . After the drugs that acted as a bridge between one universe and another , I became interested in all kinds of mystical and spiritual books I frequented places , met people , religious groups ... and all this remained only experience and knowledge of with I retained what was good and I forgot what I did not add anything . But my search continued until one day I'm not sure when things began to slowly change as the shining light, that will lighten , and what I always sought out that was inside me , in my spirit that comes from God and is part of it . I was experiencing , and increasingly increasing my awareness of this fact and finding out is that this is real , peace , energy and all the good that emanates naturally when the silence experienced this truth , I think that\'s where the visions , perceptions and the technical execution of my paintings and everything else comes .

Art is a gift from God and should be done for His glory , to enlighten, inspire and call people to a state of contemplation , so that they can experience the peace that emanates from the same source that we all have inside . Through a picture , music , nature, or other ways such as prayer or meditation in a vacuum where we ourselves are filled with a sense of infinity , love and peace .

Visionary art is not surrealism or fantasy, is a mission where the artist acknowledges , search and allows the divine inspiration so it can perform work beyond ego , beyond the fads , trends or influences to awaken in people the infinite within themselves . The function of art is not to portray things , but rather to reveal the divine essence in them , in whole symbology of my paintings , roses , galaxies , keys , portals , crystals , gems , butterflies , eagles , trees , waterfalls ... are elements that always appear with a spiritual substratum beyond the forms portrayed . There are also pictures that appear in my mind by reading excerpts from spiritual books . I believe that the greatest challenge facing humanity now is no longer the power of the mind or any other type of power, whether technology, science or nuclear weapons but the realization of our true identity , which is our spirit ( God in us ) the only way awaken to a reality where natural peace , love will spontaneously be the laws that govern our lives and transform us to finally fraternize in units in God , beyond races , countries and religions. - Tuco Amalfi


 The mythology of my own life, the music,
moments and fellings,
are turned into images of my paintings
Everything I see I paint
it is in the gleam of a stare
in the interior universe of the pupils
in timeless space of a orgasm
in the passion fruit flower
in the feminine orchids
in the roses
in the spines
in the tears gilt by the light
by the sun
in the hidden cure of the serpent poison
in the dark side of the moon
in the storms
in the volcanoes
in the death
in the life
in the seeds of desires
in the leaves that fall
in the experiences that transform into pearls
in the wind direction
in that places where the fragrances of the afternoon
take us
where in the plenitude we are only pleased
where love is all
in the childre`s smiles
in the rain
in the clouds
in the animals behavior
in the soft breeze between flowers
in the hands who caress
in the warm arms
in the stars songs
in the waterfalls
in the birds
in me
in you
in the awakeing of life
in the flight to infinity

®Tuco Amalfi




Tuco Amalfi is an Explorer of several forms of the nature, are they animal vegetable or mineral kingdom. His passion is always radiant and frantic, and his creative/explorer interest, wanders, travels to different areas. There`s no one style, restrict language, prorposal ou questioning.

Tuco never grabs his attention to the routine, there are always form records, movements, landscapes, visions, gardens, magic symbolism, religious, and his many explorations are always performed in a climate of intense pleasure between thebalance and the ecstasy.

Nothing that can restrict to the imagination, there is a searching that moves from the visionary landscaping, the dreams and parallel experiences to scientific illustrations of animals, flowers, molluscs and beetles.

Tuco arouses in us more attention and perception, take us to the learning and demand for the magnitude of the simple things of everyday life and record his testimony of admiration for the Universe mystery.

Tuco is not only creative and bold plastic artist, he is a multimedia artist, that utilizes sculptures, furniture, objects; but it is in the painting and in the drawing his strongest manifast of art expression, brings us to a reflection about Love, Wisdom and Faith. Evoking vigorously each moment a ritual of thanks and praise to the Creator, for the LIFE donation.

The man awakening in the cosmos is always present in his works and some of them are a corner of femininity in form of muses, in a awakening of feelings and desires which are expressed in a playful way, radiant and lyric, often surrounded by symbols, nature and other alate forms of the imagination that merge into crystals, primitive marine forms and cosmic elements full of beauty, and this paradise is inside of us.

Since our look is present and warned to NOW and make us an important and alert decisive in order to preserve all this natural beauty that The man in his unconscious and inconsequential race for the ignorance hits each day and destroys ruthlessly, alters the magnitude of the Universe.

Producing more pollution, destruction and we insist in this negative criminal processing and degrading that we are perpetuating with our participation, silence or omission. And the wise and tolerant Nature, already showing signs of It’s obvious and Rebellion rejection of this heinous and perverse crime that we continuous practicing everytime and react with droughts, floods, storms, vocanoes, cyclones Hails, tsunamis, cold, intense heat, in the suffered quite or not of desperation and pain.

Because we, human beings (Homo sapiens?), couldn’t avoid, stop or halt this cruel and criminous process of disregard for EVERYTHING, and ouselves in this perculiar Universe, that we should LOVE and preserve of all forms...

Sergio Levy

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